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    Rules & Guidelines


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    Rules & Guidelines

    Post  Khaine on Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:28 am

    Blood WoW is delivered and maintained to the best of our ability. That said - the project is developed and maintained from personal funds. That means, we do everything we can to provide the best server possible, sponsored by our own money. We do not label players in donor/leecher categories but it has come to my attention that some things that are common sense still need to be explained to certain players.

    Please read and understand the information below. Breaking rules mentioned below and vulgar / inadequate demands and complaints will not be tolerated (Premium members will have support on anything regarding their purchase).

    No Discrimination
    Any form, including but not limited to, racial, ethnic or religious discrimination will result in a ban from Blood WoW. We value and enforce harmony and healthy gaming atmosphere.

    No Cheating
    Bug exploit, cheating and using hack programs is logged per player account. Anyone found to be using/abusing intentionally will be banned from Blood WoW. We strongly encourage the community to report cheaters on our forums.

    Donor Bashing
    Anyone found to disturb a donor because of his donation to support to server and/or gear will be suspended for a certain amount of time depending on the severity of the situation.

    Disrespect to Staff
    Any kind of swearing, rude attitude or disrespect to staff will result in a ban from Blood WoW.

    Any form of advertise on the Blood WoW community forums or ingame will result in an instant lifetime account suspension, This is a very strict rule that we vigorously enforce.

    Game core is unexpected, everywhere, on any private server, some better some worse. Core may crash (disconnect) for many reasons. Crashes are caused by players - NOT by staff. We do our best to investigate and fix them. That said, we have the best uptime/population ratio than on any other server.

    Initial 30 second autosave caused instability and frequent crashes on realm. Since then it has been set to 1 minute. That means player saves are spread out from 0-1 minute. When realm crashes, the core loads latest database save - that is NOT a rollback. Rollback is when a server restores a database that is several days, weeks and even months old - that is a rollback. We have never restored our database due to technical issues, and don't plan to do so ever.

    It is our foresight to give the long-term prosperity of the core, database and high performance realm. A careless fix may cause a database corruption and/or realm instability ruining everyone's gameplay. Therefore our fixes take time to test and implement. That said, we have the richest % of game content working than on any other server.

    Forums are brought to socialize and share knowledge, guides, art and chat. Expressing strong negative attitude towards the server, game and staff is strictly forbidden on forums. Anyone that fails to abide by this rule will be disciplined in-game and on forums.
    •Posting threads in the wrong section, spamming will result in your post and threads being permanently deleted.
    •Any sort of pornagraphic, discriminating images used as Avatars or Signitures is strictly forbidden, and will result in an account temporary account suspension.
    •All realm rules are also in effect on the forum, any form of disrespect will result in an infraction.
    •Once you have reached 3 infractions, your forum account will be temporarily suspended.

    Account trading
    Account trading, exchange, sale and sharing is forbidden. Anyone found to have attempted this will not be allowed to play on Blood WoW, be aware that 90% of such cases are scam.

    Real life example: If you are invited to a house party. You trip over a crack on floor, fall and break a glass of coca cola. You do NOT insult/whine/demand to give you a new coca cola because the crack in the floor. You also do NOT demand to buy and put a new floor in the house.

    Blood WoW is delivered "as is" to the best of our ability and everyone is welcome to enjoy. If anyone is not enjoying playing here due to technical difficulties that are beyond our ability to fix, that person is strongly advised to play elsewhere. There are many competing servers, those that are here are assumed to enjoy playing here.

    IF any of the above is breached, not abided by, we reserve the right to remove, suspend, limit all of our services to you without notice and/or warning.

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